Monday, October 16, 2006

How About A Frog My Blog Suck Up?

The only real reason one succumbs to the desire to be critiqued at all is to increase exposure which leads to traffic increases, which leads to new connections and different input and more people reading your output which is an incentive to create more output, which increases input and adds to an over all increase in interest, which may heighten awareness and lead to world peace.

So, in the interest of world peace, if you are bored and have nothing relevant to do for five minutes, how about loading up my empty comments section on my Frog My Blog critique with glorious accolades and hideous personal assaults on frogs and see if we can't stir up a ripple in a small pond, thereby affecting great change, and solving the world's ills with an accoloade and a gig to the eyes. Posted by Picasa

I mean, what else is there exciting to do on a Monday?

On another note--check out this cheesy spread--

ADDENDUM--Without asking for one, I did get a response from my froggy princess over at Frog My blog. What amuses me to no end is the amount of effort she puts forth in the defense of her review, verses the amount of effort in the review itself.

Here is what she says--

"For the record, I read three of your favorited posts. That is about 30% of the favorites, which is a reasonable sample to make a determination. The one about American Idol and your mother, the one about your friend who went to work at a ranch in Australia and rode in the rodeo and got a standing ovation, and the one about the man who’s pants exploded while you were helping him up the hill after getting your full basket of abalone. (If you check your stats, you will also see that I have not gone back to refresh my memory on those items.) And I am a super fast reader. Maybe I should have read four, but that wasn’t going to change my opinon of the template, the first page or the length of the posts. I read down to “thinking things through and through”, which I imagine, most of your readers won’t get too, because the entry a few above is super long (And I only read that one to the first to be continued, sorry).
The truth of the matter is that it is my opinion, and if you get new readers who think you are fabulous, that’s great. I just didn’t care for it. So what? If you think it’s great then keep writing that way. We all have off blogging day(s). But it’s your blog and you get to do what you want with it. You asked a stranger to look at it, and if you want it to be re-reviewed by someone else on the Frog my Blog staff, feel free to ask. Lily can make that determination."

So now I give her DEFENSE three bugs, and her review one stinky one.


Stucco said...

Y'know Scott, I dunno why you are so driven to build up your blog with peeps and frogs and such- you have amusing content that often resonates with folks. You might consider just letting it grow organically without sweating it. One of the blogs I frequent is Slaghammer's Alchemy Anyone which, like most blogs I keep up with, was discovered by accident. He's apparently got gobs of traffic and is peppered with requests from all corners for crosslinking. What a nuiscance. I mean, I wouldn't want to end up with one of these 4 foot long roll call type link lists, which is the peril of your approach I think. There is a specific type of familiarity that may be unique in that I sort of know you- or at least have a handle on your style, and I expect the inverse is true as well. If you were to scale up the blog, you'd be hard pressed to maintain this kind of affiliation. Does that make sense? I'm not sure that I'm making my point very well. Perhaps we have different ideas of what blogs ought to do, and that's not a big deal, but I thought I'd throw my $.02 in before you get worked up over frogs and peeps.


Scott from Oregon said...

Thanks, Stucco, for taking the time to enunciate that. And I agree with you along many of your thought lines.

Firstly, I don't actually get worked up about any of this. Truly. It is an amusement, and it stays in that realm. I will always keep it in that realam. I don't take anything lesser than death that seriously, and if I started to, I would be the first to knock myself over the head with something heavy, in hopes of getting a good reboot on the old programming.

As far as building up a readership, my cause is actually different. I am hoping to build up a writership. I started the blog with the idea that story swapping can be life affirming. I still hold that vision for this blog. I may never actually get it there, but who really cares?

All these little asides into Peeps and Frogs and such are really just small, mindless games being played on a cyber stage.

Sometimes they bring in a new player or two, sometimes they don't.

So anyway, if I seem worked up or seriously contemplating slicing a frog's throat...

Stand back, cause I will be hitting myself in the head in a matter of moments, and I might pull a Gallagher on ya...

I have fun banging on the enterprise and

Anonymous said...

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