Thursday, October 05, 2006

And Not Another Peep Out Of Ya!

So there is a NEW Deal in town. The "exlinks". I have NO idea what strange things it brings, but click on it, sign up, and be part of the mystery... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I'm sad. I am.

I did my best for you.

I think it's rigged.

Nikky said...

ok,the part that really freaked me out about that butt/boob one... turns out it was GUY'S ARSE!! Eww, I wonder how many men were drooling over cleavage only to find out it was a dude's bum! Yeah, ok, THAT is funny.

Scott from Oregon said...

How do you think I feel? I was beaten by a BUTT!! A guy's BUTT. AN ugly guy's BUTT.

The pretty girl's I can accept. I love being beaten by pretty girls. But a guy's BUTT!

Nobody at work is gonna hear about this.

Anonymous said...

Too late, Scott. I've already called all your buddies :)