Saturday, September 30, 2006

Waiting to See What Happens

This is Tuti. This is my other favorite dog. Her name is pronounced with a germanic "u" with an umlaut... er... I think... Her name sounds like "Tootsie" without the snaky "S" in there. If you say "Toot eee", you have it all wrong.

A militant lesbian told me that I have cute dogs. She asked me their names.

"Wenzel and Tuti." I said proudly.

"Wizzle and TITTY? WHO THE HELL CALLS THEIR DOG TITTY? HEY Martha, this guy calls his dog TITTY! Can you believe that? TITTY? WHAT KIND OF GUY..."

In these instances, there is nothing to do but to turn on your saw and make some noise...

In case you haven't noticed, Tuti likes hanging out and waiting to see what happens. That's what kind of dog she is. If she could answer one question with one sentence, it would be "Just hanging out... to... uh... see what happens."

This would describe her perfectly.

Wenzel is different. Her sentence would be "Where you going? I'll go with ya!"

Wenzel follows me everywhere. Tuti hangs out, watches, in case something "happens"...

I feel a bit like Wenzel and Tuti these days. On a lazy Saturday, I spent a little time flipping through some blogs and found myself thinking "Where ya going? I'll go with ya!"

And then settling in and thinking I'm "just hanging out... to... uh... see what happens."

I didn't really go far. I just did a sidebar click and checked out some of the modest and interesting blogs I've started to collect. Just people doing their things, really. Living life and telling their tales in whatever form or style that suits them...

A smiler by the name of Ammogirl is saying her goodbyes in Korea and preparing to be stationed in Germany. She struggles with leaving newfound friends and aquaintances. She struggles with shoe selection (I guess packing can be a trying thing) and she has just had an anniversary with her husband, who covets breath mints.

And I think "I wonder what happens?"

A pretty blonde who is recently in love is trying to sell her boyfriends' house and move to Nashville with him. She has a job interview go almost wonky and an old life to make peace with.

And I think " I wonder how she'll do?"

A goofball who enjoys calling himself "stucco" is trying desperately to move to my neck of the woods. Granted, I live around here, and so do many of my friends... but...

Actually, his sights are set much higher, I mean, further north, in Seattle, and he is having job interviews and trying very hard to fix up his house and sell it.

And I think, "I wonder how it will all pan out?"

Another is trying out for a dance troup.


One has stumbled upon the idea of bartering his computer services for anything and a smile. He is losing his job in less than a week in Indonesia. He has a girlfriend studying in the US and he'd love to see her.

And I ponder "Will it all go his way?"

Another is getting prepared for a big trip abroad from Australia and has recently had a stint inserted into a blood vessel near his heart.

"Hmmmm..." I say. "This might bear following along with..."

Another is a California girl with a new roommate and new digs...

"Yowsa. Will they get along?"

Another got hauled into her boss's office for saying the F-word.

"Will she clean her mouth with soap? I fuckin' hope so..."

Another has a husband in Iraq and has returned back to school.

"Who fixes her faucets when they leak?"

Another Yankee fan has been online dating for a few years now.

"Will she find what she is looking for?"

A woman who HATES THE KC ROYALS because they are her home team, is awaiting a promotion and trying not to say the F-word on her blog.

"I don't know whether to hope for the promotion, or hope she curses, I swear!"

So, there ya have it. Life unfolding like an old stowed sheet, still wrapped around a flat of cardboard which you long forgot was in there.

And I think, "I wonder if it'll hit your foot?"

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Anonymous said...

Sound like nice dogs but they probably turn into vicious, rabid, flesh devouring, werewolves at the sight of a meter reader!

Nikky said...

Hey Scott, I can answer one of your questions: I fix my own damn faucets!! I never knew how before, it's very empowering to be able to fix stuff now.

Stucco said...

Much like the anecdotal story of your nickname with the Aussies, my nickname is not of my choosing exactly. In a VERY similr manner, its lineage also calls back to a flippant comment by your truly, and has proven itself intractable. There is oten no practical reason to fight these battles, although I think "Stucco" is probably more palatable than "Dickhead".


Scott from Oregon said...

I'd wear "Stucco" with pride.

"Dickhead", I am happy to have sloughed off over time...