Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear Dogbait... If you aren't busy, would you be so kind as to...

Every now and then I use my camera as an outlet for something I see inside my head. I'll see something I think is "arty" or "cool" and I'll get a few pics of it and hope they turn out. Sometimes I lose bigtime. Sometimes I win. I changed the colors and hues of this pic with a kodak picture program because I wanted to see purple instead of sunset orange. But what I have missed for so long about this picture, and which I just discovered the day before yesterday, is the spider lowering himself into the frame at the upper left hand corner.

Yes, that black dot is a big mf'n spider...

Somebody get Dogbait on the phone... Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Dogbait here. Hi, Scott, what's up?

You have a spider problem?

Yep, I have the solution, read it someone on a blog. Put your nose a few millimetres from said arachnid and inhale.

End of spider problem.