Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Most Recent Mud Hole

Posted by Picasa The following pictures are of a pond I put in over the course of this spring and summer. Most of the flowers are from seed, and the trees either dug up somewhere as volunteers, or started from cuttings.

Mum loves to garden and just can't help herself when it comes to weeds and watering and taking care of plants. I figured it would be a good thing for her to have a place to go close to the driveway that was pretty and easy to get to.

The plan seems to be working.

I poured a walkway one afternoon by piggy backing a yard of cement onto another one of our jobs. I had to rush home, get this poured and troweled, then rush back to the other job and trowel it out, then rush back here and get this finished and broom finished. It came out fine, and Mum can run her walker up and down it and get into the backyard without having to step off the deck in the back.

The pond is featured around a stump that just used to sit there and collect high grass that needed to be weed-whacked because the mower couldn't get close to it. Mum wanted that stump gone so bad, that everytime I would stop by to check in on her and her husband, she'd ask about digging it up.

Well, I dug it up alright.

Now she loves her stump. I pressure washed it and got all the creepies out of it. I dug down the one side and put in a pond liner. The other day I snuck in about ten gold fish and giggled as I heard Mum get all excited out front when she discovered little gold fishies in her pond.

"Scotty! There are fish in my pond! Scott, come here, look! How the heck... Scott?"

"Yes, Mum?"

"When did you put those in there?"

"Steve did it."

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