Tuesday, August 29, 2006


My site meter flatlined at 6:30. I watched it die. It was like watching four girls in bikinis waving at me drive off a cliff. It was that disappointing...

In an effort to revive viewership and inflate my stats, I offer you this highly intellectual girl as enticement.

She has a treasure chest of ideas to share.

She has a stack and read some books.

She floats.

Oh buoy!

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carol said...

for Chrissakes Scott.A 9.5 like you can pull something better than that..anyway I commented on the poetry post and the Billie Jean,so don't be so sorry for yourself.Keep 'em coming.

Tisty said...

trying a book bitches in reverse huh?

didn't work for me. Just gave me a swore back thinking about all of her 'intellectual' properties.

Scott from Oregon said...

There is nothing titillating about this girl, if I were to come clean and use a bad pun in one sentence.

She does evoke a certain question, in my mind, though. Real or fake?

OK, sure they look fake, but WHO would DO that to themselves? And WHO would surgically DO that to another human being?

See what I'm getting at?

They're so ridiculous they almost have to be real.

But HOW can THOSE be real?

I just had the picture because a friend sent it to me. Think of those boobs as a space filler (lots of space)...

I wonder how often this girl ha been quieried-- "Is there something you'd like to get off your chest?"

That'd be the first thing I'd ask her if I had the chance...

Tisty said...

But if they are real, surely you'd save up, do tricks, sell your children AND your grandmother just so you could afford to undo the cruel joke nature has played?

And of course a plastic surgeon would do it. That is how sick and twisted society is. And funny in an odd way. I did laugh at first. It was only when I thought of a human spine trying to support it all that i stopped. But i am still smirking a little.

As I said sick and sad!

Dogbait said...

Graphic enhancement are a great thing!

Kris, Seattle said...

Not real and not fake.

Graphic enhancement software + too many bong hits.

Scott from Oregon said...

I saw two girls in Tokya who had pairs like these. I saw them in person in Shinjuku, where some Japanese TV camera crew were filming the reaction of Japanese men as these two girls bongdeebonged around.

So, I'm going with B... Gross implants