Saturday, August 26, 2006

Caught In The Act Of Meandering-- Read The Meandering Rights...

Mum set off with her cane and her tottery old legs on a journey around our yard. She is at about 300 degrees of a circle, in this picture. The home stretch.

Her and her husband own these two acres outright. I'm just the hired help who keeps it all mown and the trees and bushes pruned (ignore the bushes on the left. They don't need pruning, we like them a little raggedy...)

We concentrate the lawn watering in the back over a specific area. The rest goes brown until rains green it back up in October, late, or November. I installed sprinklers throughout the whole yard, but if I crank them all up in late August or September, I'll run our secondary well dry and have to use our primary well, which would be fine if Mum wasn't such a worry wart about using up all the water...

As Mum set off on her great walk, I ran in and found the camera on its base. I ran out and discovered on the way, that the memory was full. I spent some time deleting all of the pictures but checking through them to make sure Mum hadn't taken a photo I wasn't aware of. Mum was quickly rounding the backkside of the house as I remembered I left my beer in the sun and went to retrieve it. Mum was turning the corner and heading for home when I got my beer and then called my dogs and set the camera up to shoot normal range, and then Mum's cat ran in and out of the picture before I could get in a spot...

I took about fifteen pictures before Mum got back to the front of the garage, but the first one was the best one.

I wanted a picture to send to my brother and sister and my Mum's brother and so on and so forth, because we had all thought Mum was going to die.

Mum approached me as I clicked away and actually managed to flip me off between my camera's ability to reset for another picture.

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