Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My sister, in cowboy hat and looking quite pleased with herself, is responsible for dressing my brother (middle) and myself (front) up on a whim and getting this picture taken. I have yet to get even for this, but I've still got time...


shar said...

I trust you didn't turn out to be a 'closet' transvestite.
Here's my two cents:-
Circa 1965 - aged 10.
Location - Airforce base, compound swimming pool. Dad was base admin CO.
Participants - Me and two sisters.
Event - Weekend sun and chlorinated water outing.
Predicament - Me swimming trunks was unwearable i.e. the elasticity of the damn thing has gone kablooey i.e. the bottom seams donot hold tight i.e. it's gonna hang loose.
Solution 1 - Sister has a spare black one-piece.
Solution 2 - Put it on and fold the top section down inside the bottom section.
Minor glitch - The back end tends to ride up and extenuate the minor bulge in front.
The thing to remember - What was I thinking! Yeah, right.

Scott from Oregon said...

shar-- I didn't know you were an airforce brat? How cool is that?

shar said...

Dad was a biggie at the base coz most senior officers then were still British. Being fluent in english helped I supposed.

And, we lived in that big bungalow up on the hill.

I had access to restricted areas in the base. Everytime, something 'new' flys in, Dad would tell me and I'd jump on my bike to check it out.

And of course, there were the awkward situations when I was supposed to impress the local gals and end up muttering gibberish. Yeah, I was a geek (bookworm, in context to the sixties).

Scott from Oregon said...

OK Shar. This is how this is gonna work. You are gonna sit down quickly and think about how interesting living on a base would be to somebody who grew up on a farm. Then you are gonna think of a story about your life on this base, with juicy and pertinent details, and you are gonna write it down. Then you are gonna post it in a comments section, and I'm gonna copy and paste it as a post. I just started adverising that this place is open, today, so I expect you to participate because I am mean and cruel and think you're very interesting.. (You too, Nuri...)