Friday, June 30, 2006


Because this isn't you. (Thanx Kris)


shar said...

Well, now we know one way how NOT to launch duh boat.

On boats and fishing, this was told to me by me cousin.

Three of them went sea-angling inna boat not 18 foot long with a 2hp outboard motor. Hours later, the weather turned nasty and the waves were even nastier. So, they decided it would be prudent to head back to shore.

About a mile out, the engine went bust. Whilst me cousin was huffing and puffing away, trying to crank up the o/b, one of the other guys was like going "Oh God, oh god, don't let me die. My kids are still young. No, not like this. What did I do to deserve this". Yeah, bloody wimp!

This went on for about five, ten minutes and me cousin screamed "Either help me get this goddamn engine started or get off the boat and swim for your life, for heaven's sake".

This guy actually got off the boat and dunk himself in duh choppy waters. Brave? Ungrateful? Traitor?

Nah! Just plain stupid coz it was 3 foot deep.

Kris, Seattle said...

Because this isn't you. (Thanx Kris)

Just to be clear - it isn't me either!