Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Chickens And The Censorship Kitty

I vote we keep all "serious" literature out of the hands of our children until they learn the difference between a euphamism and... uh... "serious" literature.

Can they come into my house and arrest me for this?

AFTERTHOUGHT-- I was thinking about this poor kid today. Fifteen years from now, he's gonna bring home his first date to meet Ma and Pa, and Pa is gonna pull this old photo out and do a little Papa show and tell just so ol' Junior knows who still wears the argyles in the family. The poor girl is gonna forever have this image taped up upon the inside of her cranium, and when he tries that first "move", she's gonna scratch him without actually knowing why and then try to climb the curtains...

None of this is good, if this kid matters to you.

Not good at all...